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Robert Johnson and the Mississippi Blues

robert johnson

Robert Johnson, the ultimate of blues legends, how did this obscure musician come to be hailed long after his death as the most important artist in early blues and a founding father of rock ‘n’ roll? Robert Johnson was born May 8th 1911, around 1918 Robert moved with his mother to the area around Robinsonville […]

Blues Music – American Granddaddy of Music Styles


What does American music sound like? You know what the music of Germany, Spain, Ireland, Japan, and many of the other countries of the world sounds like. Each country with it’s own distinctive culture has an identifiable musical sound that comes from that culture. But what about the United States? America was settled by people […]

Blues Guitar Lesson: How To Master The Pentatonic Scale

pentatonic scale

There are over 3,500 different types of scales … the good news is that most of the best blues guitar players only use a handy of scales. Blues players draw their melodies primarily from three scale types: 1. minor pentatonic scale 2. blues scale 3. Mixo-Lydian mode Well over 95% of the licks and riffs […]

The Origins of Blues and How Blues Music Is Still Relevant Today

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Blues is the name given to a form and a genre of music that originated from the African-American communities of the “Deep South” of the United States at the end of the 19th century. It consisted of spiritual numbers, hollas and chants as well as working songs and was characterized by simple rhyming narratives. The […]

Review – Beginner's Blues Guitar, David Hamburger


This method aims to teach blues guitar to beginners or to rock players wishing to acquire knowledge of the blues. It is part of the National Guitar Workshop series and comes complete with a quality CD where the author plays all the book’s examples for you. The book follows two main threads that cover both […]